In this episode of Face the Jury, we are joined by client Christine Perron, a retired resident of Villa Rica, Georgia. In 2015, her life took an unexpected turn when she fell on her roof after trying to do a few at-home renovations, breaking her fibula and ankle. Following the injury, Christine visited a surgeon who failed to fix the break properly, ultimately causing complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS). After the surgery, she realized something was not right, so she pursued a medical negligence case and learned there had been a major surgical error. This was the beginning of Christine’s medical and legal journey. 

Unexpected Complications 

After her fall, Christine visited the emergency room, where they referred her to an outside surgical orthopedic group. Christine had a previous appointment with Village Podiatry to fix a cyst on the now broken bone, so when she told them of the news of her accident, they recommended a member of their staff, Dr. Russell, to fix the injury. Dr. Russell reviewed her x-rays and suggested the bone needed open reduction internal fixation surgery. The operation was immediately booked that day and scheduled a week out from her visit. 

The surgery went “as planned,” but Christine had a difficult recovery. When she went back to Village Podiatry to have her cast removed and placed in a walking boot, the pain was unbearable, and she knew something was wrong. 

A Surgical Error Discovery  

After the surgery, Christine continuously explained an uneasy feeling and the pain she was experiencing to Dr. Russell, who dismissed her and claimed everything was fine. After feeling mistreated, ignored and deceived, she sought out a different doctor’s opinion. Dr. Bailey, an orthopedic foot & ankle surgery specialist at Resurgens Orthopaedics, reviewed Christine’s post-surgery x-ray and performed a Tinel test, which can indicate nerve damage simply by tapping on the skin.   

From her reaction to the test, Dr. Bailey suspected a severed nerve and suggested surgery to assess the damage and address Christine’s pain. During the procedure, Dr. Bailey found what he had suspected and saw that the superficial peroneal nerve was completely severed. Luckily, he took photo documentation to show that the ends of the nerve had formed scar tissue called a neuroma, which the evidence of surgical error was later in trial. 

Battle with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome 

After months of physical therapy, Christine was diagnosed with complex regional pain syndrome (CRPC), an incurable form of chronic pain that feels like constant burning, stabbing, and sensitivity – every symptom she had described to her doctors.  

Christine came to terms with her diagnosis and figured this pain would be a part of her life forever. However, the people in her life encouraged her to seek justice, and that’s when Christine realized how life-altering the damage Dr. Russell had caused would affect every aspect of her life. She knew she needed to find the right attorney to guide her on the journey. Her friend found and recommended Bell Law Firm.  

Legal Proceedings from a Plaintiff’s POV  

Being a plaintiff in a medical malpractice case often requires a lot of patience and self-reassurance. The legal proceedings can be lengthy and require rigorous questioning from the defense. However, Christine found that Bell Law Firm’s guidance, preparation, and support helped her better navigate the trial, resulting in a favorable $4M verdict. The jury’s verdict made Christine feel seen and validated for all her pain and suffering, allowing her to finally have closure as she moves forward in life. 

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