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“I would recommend the Bell Law Firm because they’re real people. They see you’re not just a case, you’re a person, and you have a family. And they recognize that not only did this change my life, but they realize it changes everyone in my life’s life.”

-Jennifer B.

“The entire team at Bell Law Firm are some of the kindest and most caring people I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. I felt safe and secure throughout the entire process of my case. They are all consummate professionals whose legal acumen is stunning. Mr. Bell and Mr. Holloway are brilliant legal minds who are thorough, prepared, and present a clear and succinct case to a jury. Bell Law Firm has impacted my life in a profoundly positive way, and I cannot thank them enough for all their fine work on my behalf. This is a top-tier firm that I am incredibly lucky and happy to have represented me during a very difficult period in my life. Many heartfelt thanks to you all.”

-C. Perron

“I’m not the type of person to file a lawsuit because I’ve worked in the medical field all my life. I think the moment it clicked for me was when a hospital administrator requested to speak to me. I kept thinking, ‘Why are they talking to me?’ At that point, I knew I was mistreated and that something more could have been done. That’s when I called Lloyd and his team. Bell Law Firm treated my case with great care, made me feel as comfortable as possible, and made sure I was prepared before trial. Medical malpractice changed my life in a profound way, but Bell Law helped me feel some sense of resolution and justice.”

–Tammy W.

“Seeing all the facts of our case written out by the Bell Law Firm team was excruciating to read. However, it was the first time I felt like I could begin to process the unbelievable tragedy I experienced in a way that made sense. What happened to my family was horrific, but having so much confusion regarding the events magnified the pain. From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank the Bell Law team for their time, energy and effort in untangling the nightmare of events we experienced into a coherent and cohesive series of events that actually made sense.”

-Heather M.

“Lloyd and his team were incredibly tenacious when my case went to a jury trial. For two weeks, we spent long days in a courtroom, in addition to all the prep work before we made it to that point. I remember feeling like Bell Law Firm took great care with my case and did the work to really understand the details and simplify everything in a way that jurors could resonate with. Because of them, I received the compensation I deserved.”

–Connie L.

“I felt validated by the Bell Law Firm team that my thoughts and concerns were real when I first explored the potential of filing a medical malpractice lawsuit. There was constant communication back and forth with Lloyd and his team, and anytime there was an update in my case, he notified us immediately. More than anything, I felt that the Bell Law team listened to me, was there for my family and that their interests were very genuine.”

-Janet L.

“Bell Law Firm made me feel protected, insulated and helped in a way that allowed me to navigate the legal process. More than anything, I felt very prepared with Lloyd and his team. I had no doubts before going to trial that they had my best interest at heart, and they made me feel as comfortable as possible during my entire case.”

–Stefan L.

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