Gwinnett County Mother Secures Bell Law Firm After Scalding Water Leads to Son’s Death

ATLANTA – March 8, 2019 – Mary Anne Downing, mother of the deceased Bradley Downing, secured Lloyd Bell of Bell Law Firm, Georgia’s preeminent law firm for victims of medical malpractice, to file a wrongful death action in Dekalb County against Complete Care at Home. In April of 2018, an employee of Complete Care inflicted severe burns to Mr. Downing, leading to complications that ultimately caused his death.

Mr. Downing was disabled, unable to bathe himself, and unable to communicate normally. He was wholly in the hands of Complete Care, relying on them to bathe him safely. The attendant negligently raised the bath water to a scalding temperature. By the time the attendant realized the error, Mr. Downing had suffered severe burns over much of his body. Mr. Downing was rushed to the hospital and treated in the burn unit. But less than six weeks later, complications from the burns caused Mr. Downing to pass away at the age of 41.

Plaintiff Mary Anne Downing seeks the full value of the life taken from Bradley Downing, as well as damages for funeral costs and other damages including physical, economic and emotional injuries.

“In this case, both the employee and Complete Care at Home failed my client,” comments Bell. “The employee failed to properly care for Mr. Downing. The resulting burns led to his death and robbed him of his remaining years. The public should be aware of the risk of negligence when working with home healthcare providers. Taking care of people in their homes presents many of the same risks you find in a hospital. Providers should be held to the same standards of care.”

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