It is a sad reality that millions of Americans suffer from brain injuries annually. Traumatic brain injuries can reshape the lives, the families and the economic futures of those who suffer them. Bell Law Firm continuously supports the victims of traumatic brain injury through affiliation with Side by Side Clubhouse, a charitable organization dedicated to rebuilding lives after brain injury.

We’re excited to announce Lloyd Bell is rejoining the Board of Directors for Side by Side Clubhouse. Lloyd originally chaired the Side by Side Board of Directors during its first capital campaign more than a decade ago, helping to oversee the purchase of its current Stone Mountain facility. Now, he is proud to return to the board of directors, as the organization continues to grow and thrive.

Side by Side is a unique organization that follows a “clubhouse” model of rehabilitation. The model was developed by and for individuals with mental illness to create a community where individuals support one another, help each other find and keep jobs and remain living independently in the community.

Members join Side by Side and other similar clubhouse programs as a place where they can be valued and understood. For members of the Side by Side community, the average day onsite follows a workday schedule, running weekdays from morning until mid-afternoon. Members do everything required to keep the clubhouse running, from business operations to kitchen work or maintenance. During this time, relationships are formed, and communal support is offered; the clubhouse is a safe place for those with TBI to learn to thrive again, together.

Lloyd is proud to join the team at Side by Side as it enters its 20th year supporting adults with brain injuries. For more information visit or contact Cindi Johnson at 770-469-9355 or