Our lead attorney, Lloyd Bell, was recently invited to join the Inner Circle of Advocates.

The offer is a tremendous honor: Since its founding in 1972, the Inner Circle of Advocates boasts an elite membership that includes the top plaintiff trial attorneys in the nation. The Inner Circle limits its membership to just 100 members, nationwide. Only one other attorney in Georgia is a member.

Membership is limited to “attorneys of exceptional qualifications who are respected among their peers and who are experienced and skillful in the handling of courtroom litigation.” The Inner Circle selects members based on, among other things, the number of cases won and the size of the largest cases won.

Bell’s membership in the Inner Circle carries advantages for clients of Bell Law Firm. The Inner Circle provides a forum where the very best attorneys can learn from each other and perfect their craft.  Beyond that, the Inner Circle works to make our country safer by seeking justice when terrible injuries occur.

We look forward to translating the insights gained from the Inner Circle into results for clients seeking help for injuries caused by medical malpractice.