ATLANTA – October 27, 2022 – A Fulton County jury ruled in favor of a Georgia man after a stroke, and subsequent medical negligence left him with “locked-in syndrome,” cognitively aware but unable to move any part of his body other than his eyes. Plaintiff Jonathan Buckelew was represented by lead counsel Laura Shamp of Shamp Silk and co-counsel Lloyd Bell of Bell Law Firm. During the three-week trial, Shamp, Bell and team proved emergency room physician Dr. Matthew Womack and radiologist Dr. James Waldschmidt acted negligently and failed to meet the applicable standards of care.

In October 2015, Jonathan Buckelew collapsed and became unresponsive during a chiropractic visit. The 32-year-old was transported to Roswell, Georgia’s North Fulton Medical Center, where several healthcare professionals failed to properly identify that he was suffering a brain stem stroke. He wasn’t diagnosed until the following day, and this critical delay caused his profound brain damage and catastrophic paralysis.

Buckelew and his wife were awarded $75 million as a result of the successful medical malpractice case. In its October 20 verdict, the jury found Dr. Womack a North Fulton Emergency physician 60% at fault for the damages and apportioned the remaining verdict to Dr. Waldschmidt for missing the arterial blockage causing the stroke when he read the images Womack ordered.

“This case is heartbreaking because Jonathan’s paralysis and brain damage were completely avoidable,” stated Lloyd Bell. “If the slew of healthcare providers involved in Jonathan’s care would have acted according to the standard of care, caught and treated his stroke earlier, and communicated more effectively, Jonathan’s life would look entirely different.”

“It was an honor to be pulled into this case and work alongside Laura Shamp to deliver the justice that the Buckelew family deserves,” continued Bell. “We know it can’t give Jonathan back the life he led before this awful situation, but we hope that holding these doctors accountable will prevent the suffering of any additional patients.”

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