The Bell Law Firm was recently featured on Insider Exclusive, the nation’s leading independent legal industry film producers. The show is dedicated to making critically acclaimed and cutting-edge TV to publicize and broadcast in mainstream media.

Some of the nation’s top attorneys including Lloyd Bell, Gerry Spence, Roy Black, Joe Jamail, Barry Scheck, Dan Petrocelli, Tom Mesereau , Bob Shapiro, Tom Girardi, and Mike Ramsey, as well as headline newsmakers like Fortune Magazine Senior Editor Allan Sloan, NY Times Financial Editor Gretchen Morgensen, Congressman Ron Paul, CNN’s Jane Velez Mitchell, and Fox’s Cristina Perez have appeared on Insider Exclusive TV and radio shows.

Watch our videos below, and read the full articles on Piedmont Newnan Hospital’s medical malpractice expose here, Kroger’s Destruction of Legal Evidence and Sandra William’s story here.