Lloyd Bell once said that attorneys need to be tenacious, creative and flexible in order to excel in a courtroom. As we reflect on the year 2020, those same qualities are more vital than ever. In a year that ushered in so much worry, fear and heaviness, Bell Law Firm resolved to continue doing what we do best – fight for justice for those harmed by medical malpractice and catastrophic injury.  


Thanks to our tenacious, creative and flexible team, Bell Law Firm accomplished some great things in 2020:  


  • We concluded the lawsuit brought by Amanda Hartley for her wrongful arrest due to the actions of the campus police officers employed by Agnes Scott College. 
  • We provided the closure needed by Bradley Downing’s mother after he died in 2018 from complications after getting bathed in scalding water.  
  • We secured a $1.2M verdict in a premises liability case after Lisa Ruede incurred injuries when she slipped and fell on wet stairs at an Atlanta-based diner. 
  • We settled medical malpractice lawsuit against Atlanta Spine after Duane Cox was left with permanent, serious neurological injuries from an unnecessarily risky spine surgery. 
  • We settled a case for a confidential sum against Columbus, Georgia medical providers who neglected and mistreated a young mother and left her with severe neurologic damage. 
  • We filed a wrongful death lawsuit against WellStar’s Atlanta Medical Center after Ben Oh died a completely avoidable death caused by a misplaced catheter. 
  • We filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against St. Mary’s Health Care System after health care workers failed to respond appropriately to a post-surgical complication, leading to anoxic brain injury and death. 
  • We launched the “Face the Jury” podcast, a series dedicated to confrontingand reducing,  the incidents of medical malpractice in America. 
  • We prevailed at the Court of Appeals and secured a new trial for a client who suffered a massive stroke after her medical providers ignored her symptoms and sent her home from the emergency department. 


Despite a challenging year with most of our routines upended, we persevere. To our clients, family and friends – we thank you, and we look forward to all that 2021 holds.