Young children are expected to fall. Their bones are more flexible and the force of falling is less likely to break a bone or cause serious injury. It does happen, but not as much as it does in adults.

When an adult has a slip and fall accident, our bones are often the first to break. While the break of a bone in itself is not a life-long issue, the damage the broken bone incurs sometimes is.

Spinal Injuries

Annually, there 12,000 new spinal injuries every year. 21.2% of those injuries are caused by slip and falls. A spinal injury can lead to an inability to walk, or function. They can leave you partially or completely paralyzed. They can cause headaches and a host of other problems. There is really no such thing as a minor spinal injury. They are painful and almost always life-changing.

Nerve Damage

There are so many different types of nerve damage that it is hard to put a number to it. For every 100,000 people who suffer from nerve damage, it is estimated 30% are directly or indirectly the result of a slip and fall accident. Nerve damage can affect every part of the body. There is rarely a treatment that helps 100% of the time, but progress is being made in the area.

Brain Damage

This is the big one. 35% of people who suffer from brain damage were hurt in a fall. Of course, the brain is the master control center for the entire body and a damaged brain will affect the person for a lifetime. From headaches and personality changes to comas and permanent vegetative stages. Brain damage is a major concern for a fall victim.

Delayed Reaction

One of the most frustrating things about dealing with a slip and fall victim is that sometimes the damages take a while to show up. It could be awhile before an internal bleed or damaged organ shows itself.

There are time restrictions on filing slip and fall claims. In the state of Georgia, that time is 2-years. Ignoring a slip and fall accident could be the biggest mistake of your life. If you did not take action and there is a slow building health issue, related to the accident, there is nothing you can do to get compensation after the date has expired.

The key is to have the tests and checkups to make sure there is nothing lurking inside that will catch you by surprise. Be smart and use good judgment. Protect yourself from what could ultimately be a very dangerous and expensive problem. This is why companies carry insurance. This is why premises liability lawyers work with experts in the medical field.

You only have one chance to financially recover. You may not want to do it. Few of us want to go through the complicated legal process. But, going through this process is nothing compared to the process you will find yourself in if you have a life-altering injury with permanent damage. For more information, speak with a premises liability attorney today.