There are many ways a person can suffer a premises liability injury. In the state of Georgia, that entitles them to compensation. To say it simply, if you were injured because someone did something which injured you or did not do something which would have prevented your injury, you have the right to file a premises liability claim.

For example; there is a leak in the roof in your apartment hallway. When it rains, the rain comes through and leaves water on the floor. Maintenance puts a bucket under the leak to catch the water, but no one fixes the roof. While walking in the hallway, you slip and fall on the wet floor due to the leak and break your arm. You have a right to file a premises liability claim against the owner of the company.

The First Thing To Do

Of course, you must seek medical attention. If you can, take pictures of where you fell and of the leak. Make a note of anyone who saw the accident, and if anyone makes a comment like “I knew that was going to happen one day.”  This is all evidence that your attorney will need. If you are unable to gather it, ask someone to take pictures for you.

Contact a Premises Liability Attorney

Do not give statements to anyone from the insurance company in person or on the telephone. Give all of the information to your attorney. Most attorneys will take the case, and you will not have to pay them until you have collected your settlement. Do not sign any papers. Keep every document, report, and set of instructions from the doctors.

Once you have been evaluated by a doctor, the attorney will be able to assess what kind of expenses this injury will cost you. Your attorney and the insurance company will try to come to an agreement as to a settlement of your case. If they are too far apart in the figure, your attorney will file charges. This is now a lawsuit (not a claim), and all of the information you gathered will be presented to a judge. The judge will then decide on who was responsible and how much the victim should be paid.

Time Matters

In the state of Georgia, you have two years to file a premises liability claim or lawsuit. If you have not done anything in that time frame, you have given up your rights to do so, and you will not recover your damages.

What if You Want to Settle?

Your attorney will present you with any offers made by the insurance company. However, you would be wise to listen to your attorney’s advice. The insurance company knows they are likely to pay and they hope they can wave some money in front of you and you will take it. Let your premises liability attorney do their job. Your lawyer will get you a fair settlement, and if you have to go to court to do so, they will be ready.