Commercial trucking accidents can be devastating. The victims of such collisions often find themselves facing extensive medical bills, car repair or replacement costs, and multiple other expenses such as physical therapy bills. In some situations, these collisions can be lethal.

The Georgia legal system allows victims of these types of wrecks to file claims to receive compensation from the responsible party. In many cases, the responsible party will be the commercial trucking company. However, there are times when a third party is additionally or solely responsible for the damages.

Mechanical issues are sometimes a result of poor maintenance, but can also be caused by faulty auto parts. A thorough investigation by an experienced attorney will help determine the responsible party where mechanical issues led to the collision. Here are a few of the most common mechanical problems in commercial trucks that can result in collisions.

Common Mechanical Issues in Commercial Trucks

By far the most common mechanical problem in commercial trucking accidents is brake failure. Commercial trucks can legally weigh up to a maximum of 80,000 pounds. When a heavy, fully loaded truck is unable to stop due to a brake malfunction then the results can be devastating.

Problems with the tires of a commercial truck can cause serious damage. A tire blow out in a large commercial truck, such as a semi-trailer, disturbs the balance and can cause the driver to lose control. At a low speed this can cause problems, but for a truck that is going down the highway at a faster pace this loss of control and balance can be lethal. An emergency mechanical failure such as a tire blowout on a busy road can mean that the surrounding drivers will not have the time or space to offensively maneuver to safety.

Another common issue that may result in a collision is the failure of the trucking company to provide proper routine maintenance. Commercial vehicles are used to carry heavy cargo over thousands of miles. This means that they undergo a lot of wear and tear, more so than passenger vehicles that are used lightly for commute. While regulations are in place that require commercial trucking companies to regularly maintain their commercial trucks it is not uncommon for some maintenance checks to go missed. It’s crucial for trucking companies to frequently check the vehicle’s components and replace any parts that are damaged or excessively worn before sending the truck back out on the road. Regular maintenance acts as an excellent preventative in avoiding mechanical issue related accidents. Failing to maintain the commercial truck can be considered negligent and place the company at fault in the case of a collision.

Another reason for a mechanical issue caused accident is a faulty cargo storage system. Commercial trucks are heavy themselves in order to haul goods, but once their cargo is added the weight can increase greatly. Failing to properly secure the heavy cargo can cause dangerous spills or uneven weights that throw the truck off balance. An unbalanced cargo load can cause the driver to lose control of the truck.

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