When vehicles collide the results can be devastating. Any car wreck can result in extensive damage to the vehicles that can lead to major repair or replacement costs. In addition these costs, expensive medical bills are also a possibility. Collisions have the potential of being traumatic with lingering emotional damage and even death in some cases.

Passenger vehicle collisions have the potential to cause serious damage, but a collision with a commercial truck can be much worse. There are several reasons for this, but no matter the cause, these types of collisions can leave the victims with extensive bills that go beyond those of a passenger vehicle wreck. Here are a few reasons that commercial truck accidents are worse than car accidents according to our truck accident lawyers.

  1. The size and weight of the vehicle.
    A commercial truck can weigh up to 80,000 pounds, according to federal regulations. The sheer mass of these types of trucks alone can cause extensive damage in a collision. A smaller, passenger car driving the posted speed limit will inflict much less damage on another car than an 80,000 pound commercial truck driving at the exact same speed. The force of impact is much greater and in the case of an obstruction in the road requiring an emergency stop, it takes much longer for a truck of that size to stop than it would a smaller vehicle. When parts and equipment malfunction or break on commercial trucks the results can be more severe than in a smaller vehicle because of the size.
    In addition to these factors, another problem relating to the size of commercial vehicles is the decreased visibility that results for the driver. It can be difficult to see smaller vehicles, particularly motorcycles, when they are in the commercial truck driver’s blind spots. The impressive size and weight of commercial trucks makes them dangerous and is enough to warrant caution around them on the road. This is the reason that truck drivers are required to undergo certain training, obtain licenses, and follow strict regulations in order to operate commercial trucks.
  2. Driver fatigue.
    All drivers are subject to fatigue while on the road. If a person is tired then they may not be alert while driving and can even drift into other lanes if they are fighting off falling asleep at the wheel. Commercial truck drivers spend long hours on the road and driver fatigue can be a problem. There are regulations in place that require drivers to log their miles and take frequent breaks, but driver fatigue can still occur while on the road for long stretches of time with devastating consequences.
  3. Complications with multiple parties.
    Commercial vehicle collisions can involve more than one responsible party. In addition to the commercial trucking company potentially being liable for the accident, there are several other third parties that could be held accountable for your compensation. For example, the manufacturer of a defective auto part could be held liable for the accident if the faulty part contributed to the collision. Determining fault in a commercial truck collision can get complicated and more than one party may be considered responsible. This is why a thorough investigation conducted by a professional truck accident attorney is so important. The correct responsible party should be held accountable for your damages.