You cannot talk about sports without the city of Atlanta coming into the conversation. Atlanta has always been a major sports mecca, and it is still growing today. Atlanta is home to 6 major sports teams and professional franchises. They include:

  • The Atlanta Braves, major league baseball
  • Atlanta Hawks, National Basketball Association
  • Atlanta Falcons, National Football League
  • Atlanta Dream, Women’s National Basketball Association
  • Atlanta United FC, Major League Soccer
  • Atlanta Blaze, a professional lacrosse team

Atlanta also has:

  • The Atlanta Motor Speedway, a NASCAR
  • The Tour Championship PGA Tour
  • World Championship Wrestling

Atlanta has a rich history in the world of sports. Virtually every sport is represented in this thriving city. Annually, Atlanta hosts the Chick-Fil-A Peachtree Bowl and Peachtree Road Race. They also feature other races, marathons, tournaments and events.

Atlanta has the oldest on-campus NCAA Division 2 football stadium. The Bobby Dodd Stadium was built in 1913 using funds collected by the students.

Not bad – just different

Many sports writers trash talk Atlanta fans about their attendance. But when they do that, they conveniently forget about the Atlanta college teams who aresupported by fans and well known and celebrated in the sports world. Other big sports cities had decades on Atlanta when it came to pro sports. The Chicago Bears were founded in 1870. The New York Knicks and the San Francisco 49ers were both founded in 1946. It was not until 1965 that the Falcons came on the scene in Atlanta with no league sports teams. The Braves and the Hawks also joined the ranks in 1965. Merging pro sports into a college sports city requires a cultural adjustment that Atlanta has already shown they are making happen.

The roots of college team support run deep in this historical city. College sports were more accessible to the residents than professional venues. Yet, citizens still fill up the stadiums every week. With the track record of their love for college sports, there is little doubt that given time and attention Atlanta will compete with any major city on their love and support for all the avenues of the sports world. Ask any sports loving Atlanta resident, and you will soon learn how proud this city is and how dedicated the fans are, even when the press seems determined to knock the wind out of their sails.

The Atlanta Braves

The Atlanta Braves is the crown jewel of sports in Atlanta. The Braves joined the National League in 1876, but Boston and Milwaukee enjoyed the Braves name from 1871 until 1966.

The Atlanta Braves have several championship titles and have visited the World Series multiple times. They also hold one World Series win. The people of Atlanta love the Braves, and it is evident whenever they have a home game. It is not something a sports lover of Atlanta misses.

Though often misunderstood and judged harshly, one must look beyond the print and venture to the Atlanta stadiums to see the wonderful world of professional sports that is thriving and growing in this historical city.