The physical trauma we experience after an automobile accident is extremely severe. The fear and shock involved when we are struck by another vehicle can be overwhelming, and injuries are often initially overlooked. This means it can be days or weeks before we realize that we are injured and not simply“sore.”Seat belts do not prevent the jarring, twisting, and jerking that we experience during a collision. These movements can cause whiplash, severe pain, and physical damage. Treatment from a general practitioner is important, but treatment by a chiropractic doctor is strongly recommended after a car accident to properly treat a victim’s injuries. Chiropractors specialize in the spine, nervous system, and musculoskeletal systems of the body. According to our car accident lawyers, these are the areas that are most affected by the trauma of an automobile accident.

Selecting the right Chiropractor

Here are a few things to consider when you are selecting your chiropractor. It is important that you feel comfortable with your chiropractor. This type of medicine is literally a hands-on experience. Trust and cooperation are vital to having a positive experience and treating your injuries.

  • Recommendations

Ask your family doctor or spine doctor for his or her recommendations. It is important that your entire medical team works well together. This includes all the medical professionals you have access to. Chiropractic medicine is an effective treatment for injuries after an accident. Ask your family and friends for their recommendations as well.

  • Check out the office

If you have the time, make an appointment to look at the facility. Make a few calls so you can speak with the staff. Are they friendly, understanding, and professional? Check out the waiting room. Is it comfortable? Does the staff overbook? Is there an unusually long wait time? These things matter when you are in physical discomfort.

  • It is a business

Check to see if the Chiropractor is in good standing with the Better Business Bureau. Do they accept your insurance and do you understand their billing policy? How long have they been in business? Are they experienced with accident victims? Are they willing to discuss long-term goals and will they work with you (financially, physically, and intellectually) to accomplish those goals?

Armed with the above information, you are ready to find the Chiropractor that you want to work with in the future. Many Chiropractors in Atlanta are qualified, experienced, and highly rated.

Our Top Recommendations

Back To Basics

Dr. Sebastien Salmone, D.C. specializes in the spine. He and his staff work well with your medical team to treat your entire body. They have the experience that is needed to help people who have been in an accident. They carry a 5-star rating from their customers.

Midtown Family Wellness

Dr. Danielle L. Drobbin, D.C. follows in her father’s footsteps who has been serving the Atlanta area since 1986. They combine the tried and true methods of treatment with cutting edge,
modern advancement to offer complete care. The staff is like family, and they treat their customers like family as well. They are in good standing in the community and carry a very high rating.

There are many fine chiropractors in Atlanta. With patience and a little research, you will find the right doctor for you. For more information, contact a car accident attorney.