Lloyd Bell obtains $15 Million malpractice verdict against Emory Healthcare

After fewer than 2 hours of deliberations, a Dekalb County, Georgia jury returned a verdict of $15 Million in favor of a patient injured at a clinic owned by Emory Healthcare. The patient, Cris Nelson, was at the clinic for a routine physical when he was placed on an examination table to have his blood drawn. After a medial assistant drew several vials of blood, Mr. Nelson lost consciousness and fell forward off the table, striking his head and fracturing his neck. The force of impact caused a spinal cord injury which has rendered Mr. Nelson a quadriplegic. “It is never safe to give blood while sitting up on an examination table,” lead plaintiff’s counsel Lloyd Bell noted. “The standard of care requires that before a patient gives blood, he or she must be placed in a chair with arms or be positioned laying down,” Bell said. As a result of the fall, Mr. Nelson was taken by ambulance to Atlanta Medical Center and later Shepherd Center catastrophic rehabilitation hospital, one of the premier rehab hospitals in the country. “Compared to where he was immediately after his injury, Cris has made tremendous progress due to his hard work, dedication, and the support of his wonderful family,” Bell continued. “Cris and Debbie will be living with the consequences of Emory’s negligence for the rest of their lives. The jury verdict speaks to the tremendous damage this family has suffered.”  The case is Cris and Debbie Nelson v. Emory Specialty Associates, P.C. and Emory Healthcare.   IMG_6331 2 (from right, Lloyd Bell, lead plaintiffs’ counsel, Debbie Nelson, Mike Watson, Cris Nelson, co-counsel, Valerie Ponder, Pamela Lee and co-counsel, Keegan Federal)

About Lloyd Bell

Lloyd Bell is a trial attorney in Atlanta, Georgia that represents victims of negligence who have suffered catastrophic injury or wrongful death.
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